Review: Don Q Grand Añejo Rum

For decades, the Don Q brand was only available in Puerto Rico. Luckily for American drinkers, Don Q established its USA headquarters in Dallas, TX in June 2009, making this rum readily available in the states.

Don Q Grand Añejo, the jewel of the Don Q lineup, is a blend of premium rums aged between three and 12 years. The result is a smooth, flavorful spirit with plenty of flavor notes from the barrel aging.

The rum is deep copper in appearance with an initial aroma of molasses or brown sugar and a bit of oak.  Once settled in the glass for a few minutes, vanilla and more oak scents come through.

The taste is powerful, both sweet and spicy on the initial sip with some heat. The flavors subdue a bit on subsequent sips, with flavors ranging from creamy vanilla to molasses and maybe even some cinnamon.

This rum, like many aged spirits, is best enjoyed neat, but a dash of water or one ice cube can help bring out the aromas and flavors. With so many subtle complexities in flavor, Don Q Grand Añejo shows me a little something new each time I drink it.

Proof: 40 percent Alcohol by Volume
Price: $50 – $60, depending on location

Written by Kevin Gray

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