Win a Scotch Tasting Kit from The Balvenie

With the holidays upon us, we’re likely to receive a few misguided gifts, like tacky sweaters or anything that’s not distilled, aged and potable.  With this in mind, The Balvenie is offering the chance to win a unique prize that’s more your style: a Scotch whiskey nosing and tasting kit.  The kit contains 24 separate aromas and a dedicated nosing guide, as well as other essential whiskey tasting tools.  The lucky winner will also receive a Balvenie hipflask, perfect for your boring office holiday party.  Click to enter the sweepstakes.

In more Balvenie news, the newest addition to The Balvenie 17-Year-Old range is finished in casks that once held Madeira Wine.  With “deep, luxurious aromas that translate into an equally rewarding flavor of spice and dried fruit,” The Balvenie 17-Year-Old Madeira Cask received a rating of 90% from Malt Advocate.  I’m eager to try it, as I’m already a fan of The Balvenie’s 21-Year-Old Portwood finish.

When drinking this whiskey or any whiskey, check out The Balvenie’s Warehouse 24.  It’s a members area featuring what they call the “Whiskey Shelf,” in which users can log their entire whiskey collection online and create detailed tasting notes and ratings. You can add any malt you like—not just The Balvenie—and see how other people are rating whiskies.  I’m sure I’m not the only overzealous drinker to thoroughly enjoy a whiskey only to forget everything I tasted the night before.  Warehouse 24 has the potential to solve this surely rampant problem, but still takes some initiative by the imbiber.

Written by Kevin Gray

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