The World’s First Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Cocktail

I delete a lot of emails.  Mail touting something irrelevant to this blog’s focus, like a book about the evils of drinking, goes straight into the trash.  Pitches about obnoxious new products, like yet another flavored vodka (“now infused with unicorn tears!”), gets a glance before being buried.  But a pitch titled “The world’s first beer, bourbon and BBQ cocktail” gets my rapt attention.  It’s not too often that three tenants of my diet are mixed into one drink.

Tom Fischer of, along with Louisville mixologist Stephen Dennison, created the cocktail, which will be premiered at this weekend’s Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival in New York.

The cocktail blends a smoky barbeque water with Maker’s Mark and Evan Williams Honey Reserve, and is then topped off with some Hefeweizen foam.  I can’t vouch for the drink, having never tried it, but it’s certainly interesting.  Those attending this weekend’s festival in Manhattan can sample the cocktail at la.venue, where Tom will be playing bartender from 3:30 to 4:15 on Saturday, January 30.  Otherwise, just check out the recipe and video below.

Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Cocktail

1 1/4 ounces Maker’s Mark Bourbon
1 ounce Evan Williams Honey Reserve
1 ounce BBQ water
Hefeweizen beer
1 Orange

To make BBQ water, combine a 19 ounce bottle of Jack Daniel’s Honey Smokehouse Barbecue Sauce with an equal portion of hot water in a mixing bowl. Whisk until incorporated, and let cool. Shake Maker’s Mark, Evan Williams Honey Reserve, BBQ water and a squeeze from a quarter of an orange with ice. Strain into a cocktail glass. Dry shake 1/4 bottle of Hefeweizen beer, and garnish top of cocktail with beer foam.

Written by Kevin Gray

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