The 2015 Cocktail Enthusiast Holiday Gift Guide

Another holiday season is upon us, which means another reason to procure some nice gifts for your loved ones. Or your boss. Or your secret Santa. Either way, everyone loves booze and booze-related paraphernalia. So herewith: the 2015 Cocktail Enthusiast Holiday Gift Guide. Peruse below to find something for the cocktail enthusiast in your life.

pineapple co tumbler

Drinking out of pineapples doesn’t have to be relegated to island vacations. Because the Pineapple Co is producing a handful of magnificent pineapple tumblers and shot glasses in gold, silver and copper. You know someone who wants this.

$29 | BUY

Basil Hayden's Quoddy Shoes

You’ve got casual shoes, dress shoes, running shoes… but what about drinking shoes? This Basil Hayden’s and Quoddy collaboration features four Horween leather-wrapped rocks glasses packaged in a handmade leather gift box. Plus a pair of custom, made-to-order, co-branded shoes. They come in one color: “whiskey.”

$400 | BUY

jackson caNnon bar knife

Designed by Boston-based bartender Jackson Cannon (Island Creek Oyster Bar, Eastern Standard, The Hawthorne), this razor sharp knife from R. Murphy is ergonomic and sturdy. Give it to your bartender or home-bartender friends for all their citrus slicing and meticulous garnishing needs.

$79 | BUY

cocktail kits 2 go

Nothing makes a long flight more tolerable than a good drink. But getting a good drink is no easy task on planes. That’s where Cocktail Kits 2 Go comes in. They’re making two kits that provide the sugar, bitters, recipe and necessary equipment to mix up a solid daiquiri or old fashioned on the go. Just add liquor.

$14.95 | BUY

alcomate revo breathalyzer

Breathalyzer sensors need to be regularly re-calibrated to ensure accuracy, which means sending it in for a tuneup. But AlcoMate products have replaceable sensors, so they can be manually re-calibrated. This means a longer lifespan and better accuracy. We’re not entirely sure who you’d buy this for but, you know, safety first.

$250 | BUY

gone with the gin book

On the left, you’ve got Spirit of Place, a coffee table-worthy book that details Scotland’s great whisky distilleries and includes many attractive photos. And on your right, you’ve got Gone with the Gin, a very different book that sports 50 cocktail recipes–each drink is paired with a Hollywood classic–and some fine sketch work.

Spirit of Place, $30 | BUY · Gone with the Gin, $11 | BUY

whisky advent calendar

It’s like a regular advent calendar, but better. Because behind each of the 24 windows is a different sample of whisky courtesy of Drinks by the Dram. That’s 24 mini bottles of Scotch, Irish, American and other whiskies you’ll want to become acquainted with. We mean… give to someone else. Yeah, that.

$188 | BUY

homemade gin kit

It’s not hard to buy gin. Just go to your nearest liquor store and you’ve got dozens of choices. But if you’re friends with a DIY type who likes to control his own gin supply, try this Homemade Gin Kit. It’s got everything required to transform generic vodka into gin, including juniper berries, botanicals, spices and aromatics. Because teach a man to fish… and he’ll drink gin for a lifetime.

$49.95 | BUY

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Written by CE Staff

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  1. Kyle · December 9, 2015

    And for those urban dwellers, my recent fascination has been city map glasses, make perfect gifts and a great story.

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