Old Man and the Sea Cocktail Recipe

In drinking circles, Ernest Hemingway retains near mythical status. His adventures, his eponymous daiquiri, and even his penchant for consuming large quantities of said daiquiris in a single setting have all contributed to his reputation. So naturally, we perk up when someone goes and names a drink “Old Man and the Sea.” In this case, it comes from Anna Madden, barkeep at Found in Evanston, IL.

Anna has employed Sailor Jerry Rum as the base spirit, and from there she adds green tea syrup, Aperol, lime and coca cola. It’s probably not a drink Hemingway himself would’ve ordered — Saily Jerry didn’t exist back then, for starters, and Hemingway had an aversion to sugar — but it’s an interesting and tasty nod to the author. Check below for the recipe.

Old Man and the Sea Cocktail Recipe
  1. Build in a shaker over ice and shake until cold.
  2. Pour into a highball glass, and top with a float of Coke.
  3. Coat rim of glass with lime and garnish with a lime wedge.
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