Irish Coffee Recipe

Irish Coffee recipe

Turns out, January 25th is Irish Coffee Day. Now, you can hardly get through the week without stumbling across a similarly-contrived holiday, but here’s one that we can fully endorse. Because it’s cold, and Irish Coffees are hot. And, you know, contain whiskey.

The below version comes from Joaquín Simó, he of NYC cocktail bar Pouring Ribbons. And it’s topped with a toasted marshmallow for good measure.


1.5 oz Knappogue Castle Single Malt Irish Whiskey
.25 oz rich demerara syrup (2:1 sugar to water)
5 oz hot coffee
5 drops saline solution (or a tiny pinch kosher salt)
1 oz heavy cream
2 dashes Regan’s No 6 Orange Bitters
3 cardamom pods

Muddle three cardamom pods in the bottom of a pre-heated Irish coffee mug. Add whiskey, sugar, coffee and saline to your mug. Whip together cream with the zest from one orange, two tablespoons of white sugar and two dashes Regan’s No 6 Orange bitters until thickened, but still pourable. Float cream over the top of the drink by pouring gently over the back of a spoon. Top with a lightly toasted marshmallow.

Written by Kevin Gray

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