Introducing the Beer Enthusiast

beer enthusiast

So… what’s the Beer Enthusiast all about?

Plain and simple, the Beer Enthusiast likes beer.

The Beer Enthusiast likes good beer. The Beer Enthusiast also likes shitty beer. The Beer Enthusiast likes craft beer, though he hates when you call it that. The Beer Enthusiast enjoys fancy beers, though he doesn’t always have the proper stemware, and frankly doesn’t give a shit about proper stemware. The Beer Enthusiast doesn’t love stunt beers, but hey…anything once.

The Beer Enthusiast was born in 1981, raised in Nebraska, went to school in Missouri, married a Texas girl and now lives in the East Village of New York City. These experiences have given him a fine appreciation for many fine beers: Coors, Budweiser, Boulevard, anything from New Belgium, most things from Sixpoint, many things from St. Arnold, the collected works of Shiner, and a few things from Maine Brewing Company, though good luck if you can find it.

The Beer Enthusiast also lives in an apartment that places him exactly one block from one of the world’s best beer stores (that would be Good Beer) and from one of the world’s best beer bars (that would be Proletariat). Through them, the Beer Enthusiast has access to just about any great or interesting or not-great or overhyped beer you can think of, though not Boulevard Wheat, which makes the Beer Enthusiast sad.

The Beer Enthusiast would be remiss if he only got his beer at fancypants stores and bars. Here, then, an incomplete list of non-fancypants beer-related experiences the Beer Enthusiast enjoys: Plugging the jukebox and drinking canned Genessee at the city’s best honky tonk (Doc Holliday’s). Watching Twins games and drinking draft pale ales at the city’s best sports bar (Standings). Drinking Sixpoint Sweet Action (or one of the seasonal beers) at the city’s best place for a beer/cocktail enthusiast to drink alone (11th Street Bar). Drinking Abita Amber on a Sunday while watching random NFL games (and eating the city’s best queso) at Double Wide. Drinking New York state-based beers and slurping oysters at Upstate. You get the idea.

For the record, the Beer Enthusiast’s enthusiasms aren’t limited to beer, even within the realm of alcohol. A fine bourbon can’t be beat, especially as a nightcap. Rye, sure, particularly when in a manhattan. Champagne: of course. Wine: the more the Beer Enthusiast gets to know, the closer he gets to declaring a minor in Wine Enthusiasm. Gin martinis: one is good, two is better, three means you have a drunken Beer Enthusiast on your hands. Any kind of bourbon punch concocted by Mrs. Beer Enthusiast is a victory. Rum: not so much, but put it in a daiquiri and we’ll talk. Vodka’s vodka.

That all said, his enthusiasm outside of beer is not nearly sufficient for him to be considered a true Cocktail Enthusiast.

So what can you expect from the Beer Enthusiast? Writing about beer—new beers you should try, old beers you should try, new beers you should avoid, odes to bars (occasionally in verse), visits to breweries, tales from brewers, the occasional mildly entertaining anecdote, such as a recent tale of woe starring a bottle of Evil Twin’s Spicer Nacho beer—a jalapeno-flavored brew—that exploded in the Beer Enthusiast’s kitchen in the middle of the night. It sounded like a gunshot, smelled like you think it would’ve, and made everything in the immediate vicinity real sticky. (It also ruined a rug that the Beer Enthusiast never really liked, so count it as a victory.) Apparently, the beer was recalled (and apparently, it tasted pretty solid; my source at Good Beer said the worst he heard was that it’s not just a novelty beer), so the Beer Enthusiast did not get to try it.


Expect irregular updates. If you want to recommend a beer to the Beer Enthusiast, you can reach him at [email protected] Happy drinking out there. Oh, and the Beer Enthusiast promises to stop writing exclusively in the third person.

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Written by The Beer Enthusiast

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