Introducing C By Courvoisier

In Cognac news, Courvoisier recently announced the addition of C by Courvoisier to its portfolio. C by Courvoisier is produced in small batches and double aged, which – says the company – imparts an intense flavor profile that showcases a new side of Cognac.

In creating C by Courvoisier, a blend of small-batch Cognacs specially selected from 50 winegrowers in the Fin Bois Cru region are carefully crafted by the house’s master blender. From there, it goes through a double-barrel aging process. First up is a young barrel that brings out a strong, wood character and gives it a full-bodied, intense flavor, says Patrice Pinet, Master Blender for Courvoisier. It is then aged in mature barrels to round out the taste profile and deliver a silky finish.

The end result is, according to Courvoisier, a rich Cognac with a good balance between floral, fruity aromas and wood, with notes of carnation, orange peel, clove, toast and crusty bread.

C by Courvoisier is available this month, and a 750ml bottle of the 80 proof Cognac will retail for about $35.

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Written by Kevin Gray

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  1. Cognac J · February 27, 2012

    Yep – seems a nice cognac & at that price will be good for cocktails. Mind you – worth trying neat – from the right type of glass, of course

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