How to Make Simple Syrup

Simple syrup is found in cocktails ranging from the Cable Car to the Sazerac, and it’s an important component for any home bartender serious about making drinks. Luckily, it’s incredibly easy to make and can be produced in whatever quantity best complements your drinking habits.  And all you need to make it is sugar and water.

Dole out two parts sugar to one part water, and bring the water to a boil.  Slowly stir in your sugar until it fully dissolves in the water.  You’ll know it’s properly dissolved when the liquid changes to a syrupy texture that slowly drips off your stirring spoon.  Remove from heat and let the mixture cool.  Once fully cooled, bottle it or start whipping up some drinks.

It’s that easy.  And since so many drink recipes calls for simple syrup, it takes the guess work out of adding granulated sugar to cocktails.

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Written by Kevin Gray

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