Happy National Vodka Day!

While some drinkers make every day vodka day, there’s an actual holiday to commemorate the stuff. At least, that’s according to the press releases filling up my inbox. National Vodka Day occurs each October 4th, so in celebration, let’s take a look at the world’s most-consumed spirit.

Can you make vodka out of anything?

Almost. Anything that you can ferment can be turned into ethanol. Add some water and filter it enough times, and you’ll get a colorless, odorless and tasteless alcohol, which adheres to the actual definition of vodka. Thankfully, some vodkas do have flavors and aromas, making them more than just vehicles for Red Bull consumption.

Here’s a look at a handful of vodkas featuring different ingredients:

Blue Ice Vodka – American vodka distilled from Idaho Russet Potatoes

Death’s Door Vodka – Wisconsin-based spirit distilled from a 60:40 mix of local organic wheat and malted barley

I Spirit Vodka – Italian vodka made from a blend of white grapes and grains

ZU Bison Grass Flavored Vodka – Polish vodka distilled from rye grains and infused with plant extracts that mimic the flavor of Polish bison grass

Karlsson’s Gold – Swedish vodka that’s hand-made from a blend of seven varieties of virgin potatoes. It’s distilled only once, and is done so in an unfiltered process that preserves the inherent characteristics of the ingredients.

In the below video, Karlsson’s explores the many production methods and ingredients for vodka, and highlights some of the more ridiculous marketing claims and gimmicks.

Written by Kevin Gray

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