Grey Goose Le Voyage Video Montage

grey gooseIf you’ve been following along, you might have read Cocktail Enthusiast’s recent recap of Grey Goose Le Voyage, a whirlwind trip through France that included stops in Picardy and Cognac, plus lots and lots of vodka.

We toured wheat fields where Grey Goose sources its grain; we visited the mill and distillery; we spoke with the guys responsible for making the stuff; and we event drank some Cognac.

Well, after the post-trip haze settled, I went through some photo and video footage and decided a montage was in order. Everything needs a good montage.

So below, check out videos recapping day one and days two-three.


And if you missed our coverage from France, you should check that out here:

Grey Goose Le Voyage – Day One

Grey Goose Le Voyage – Day Two

Grey Goose Le Voyage – Day Three

Written by Mark Schectman

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  1. Margaret · August 19, 2012

    Great job! Looks like a fabulous trip for a fabulous vodka!

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