A Summertime Classic: The Gin Rickey

gin rickey cocktailNow that October’s here, it’s finally starting to cool down in Texas.  Hell, I even spent some time outside yesterday.  And with the advent of fall’s welcome respite from the summer heat, I retire the Gin Rickey until the first hot day of next year’s summer, which, here in Dallas, has been known to start in March.

The Gin Rickey is a simple cocktail, composed of just gin, lime and club soda, but what it does to a hot day—which is to make it tolerable—should not be overlooked or underappreciated.  Nothing quite soothes the burn of a hot, sticky summer day in Texas than a refreshing Gin Rickey.  It’s crisp, tart and cold, like a tasty A/C in a glass.

Gin Rickey

2 ounces gin
1/2 lime
Club soda

Add gin and the juice of one half lime into a highball glass.  Fill glass with ice, and top with club soda.  Throw your lime in for garnish.

Written by Kevin Gray

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