Devotion Spirits Introduces Protein-Infused Vodka

Here’s some good news for protein deficient vodka drinkers.  Devotion Spirits has just launched a vodka that’s infused with protein.  From Devotion –

Whether enjoyed on the rocks, mixed, stirred or shaken, Devotion Vodka provides for the smooth, delicious ultra-premium vodka taste discerning mixologists (professional or novice) are seeking.

Those are pretty ambitious words about a spirit that’s defined as colorless, tasteless and odorless.  More from Devotion –

Created and developed by company President Drew Adelman … Devotion Vodka was inspired by his search to combine his two favorite passions: fitness and nightlife.  “With Devotion Vodka I can stay devoted to my regimen, while stepping out for a good time.  I used to actually take my own protein out with me when I went for a night on the town.”

Is that a steak in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?  Oh, a steak.  More from Devotion –

“I have been in the nightlife industry for many years and I have seen some of the best ideas come through our clubs and restaurants,” notes Bob Jones, co-founder/vice president.  “From Red Bull and Rockstar to Voss Water and Alize… all of those brands have a common thread—unique selling points that made them hugely successful.  Devotion Vodka is a top-tier vodka product spirit enthusiasts will embrace.”

An admission that Devotion Vodka is, above all else, selling a lifestyle, not catering to the spirit enthusiasts they’re confident will “embrace” the product.

Currently only available in San Francisco, New York and New Jersey, it will be interesting to see if Devotion sells.  I can’t see club-goers lining up for protein-infused vodka, but then again, I don’t understand the craze behind ultra low calorie beers either, and they seem to be doing well.

Written by Kevin Gray


  1. Um, Yeah…. | The Pegu Blog · November 6, 2009

    […] wish I was kidding you. I found this via Kevin at Cocktail Enthusiast, who does a great job giving the Joe Friday about this product, for which I applaud him. He also has a better joke than any I’ve come up […]

  2. Pat Steer (Gaelen) · November 10, 2009

    Okay … now alcohol is a food group. 😉

  3. Yvonne · September 4, 2012

    Would like to try this but live in Michigan.

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