Christmas Cocktails

Mash together stressed parents, fighting siblings and judgmental in-laws, and there’s bound to be some heavy drinking on Christmas. Beer, wine and nips from your flask usually do the trick, but the holidays are also a great occasion for batching up some tasty Christmas cocktails, like egg nog and spiked cider.

Egg Nog

3/4 ounce aged rum
3/4 ounce spiced rum
1/2 ounce sugar
3 ounces heavy cream
1 whole egg

Add rums, sugar, whole egg and cream (you can cut the cream with milk for a healthier version) into shaker. Shake ingredients without ice so the egg emulsifies. Then fill with ice and shake again until cold. Strain into a glass and garnish with a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Spiked Cider

One quart good apple cider
Spiced rum
Two oranges
Whole cloves

Peel two oranges into quarters. Stud orange peels with three whole cloves each, then drop into a pot of apple cider. Heat on stove until flavors combine. Once hot, ladle into glass or coffee mug, and top with spiced rum. Garnish with an orange twist, if desired.

Written by Kevin Gray

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  1. selenar · December 24, 2011

    Thank you for this! I have been looking for a spiked cider recipe for xmas, I have added a lot of voli light vodka recipes but its great to finally find a cider

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