Bushmills Irish Honey Review

bushmills irish honeyBushmills Irish Honey is the newest addition to the Bushmills range. It’s a blend of Bushmills Original Irish Whiskey with honey, which follows the template introduced by Wild Turkey American Honey and Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey.

Bushmills is one of the only distilleries in the world that produces its whiskeys completely under one roof. The “grain to glass” facility malts, distills, matures, blends and bottles at Ireland’s oldest working distillery.

Bushmills Irish Honey pours a light straw gold and has aromas of sweetened grains, honey and pears. More honey comes through on the palate, plus more pears and hints of ripe apples. It’s sweet, but not overly so, and it finishes with notes of malty grains.

Overall, Bushmills Irish Honey is clean, pleasant and very drinkable. The hints of orchard fruit are a nice touch, but the pervasive honey – though applied with a mostly subtle hand – begs for some countering spice.

That said, we’re not exactly the target market for this product, as Bushmills 10-Year is more akin to our wheelhouse. But fans of sweetened whiskeys will find a lot to like about this new product.

– 35% Alcohol by Volume
– $25

CE Rating: ★★★

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Written by Kevin Gray


  1. RICHARD · November 9, 2012

    I purchased a bottle of BUSHMILLS IRISH HONEY and I have no idea how or what to drink it with.

    Help, please

    • Mark O' · April 14, 2013

      In a pint glass (16 oz) half filled with ice,
      2-1/2 shots Bushmills Honey
      Granny Smith Apple Wedge
      Honey Straw with end cut off
      1 12 oz bottle of Angry Orchard Crisp Apple (you will be left with cider to keep adding as you go)
      Stir/mix and enjoy

  2. Cocktail Enthusiast · November 9, 2012

    Richard, with something like this, it’s best to keep things simple. Try mixing it with fresh lemon juice and ginger beer.

  3. Frank Cantley · December 20, 2012

    1 part Bushmills Irish Honey, 2 parts apple juice, shake with ice in mixer & strain.

  4. Shane F · April 5, 2013

    Straight. The all honey whiskeys should be consumed.

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